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How do I register on the e-learning platform?

If you want to register on the e-learning platform, all you have to do is create an account. To do this all you need is to have a valid email address.

Enter your personal details, fill in your email address and verify your account by clicking the link that will be sent to you.

The process can be seen in the video below.



Once I have an account what are the next steps to access the training material?

All CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS courses are freely available whether you are a student or a Teacher.

By selecting the category that concerns you (Student Courses / Teacher Courses) and with just a few clicks you can access any course you want.

The process can be seen in the video below.



I am a teacher and I want to implement the CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS training package, which are the steps I need to follow?

First you have to enroll in the courses aimed at teachers. You will do this by selecting the Teacher Courses category and clicking on the register button.

In these courses you will find all the educational material alongside with the solutions of the indicative exercises. After studing the material, you are ready to become CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS Mentors (The process is described below).

Then you can help your students gain a personal account on the platform and enroll in Student's lessons.

How can I become a CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS Mentor? What exactly does this mean?

As a teacher, once you have studied the educational material, you can earn the Open Badge  CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS Mentor. An "Open Badge" is an online recording and certification of the recipient's achievements and abilities. Thus, by earning this Badge, you will be certified by the project consortium as a Mentor and  you will be able to award Digital Badges to your students.

The Badge will be awarded to you through an automated process. You will need to answer some questions related to the educational material (a Quiz of 12 questions). If you answer 8 of them correctly, you will earn the Badge while at the same time you will gain increased rights in the students' lessons (Teacher Rights).

The process can be seen in the video below.



I am a CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS Mentor, how can I award "Open Badges" to my students?  

There is a total of 8 Digital Badges for students on the platform. Three for the first module, one for each of the 4 training scenarios and one overall. When students successfully complete the activities, as a reward, you can award them the corresponding Digital Badges.

The process can be seen in the video below.



Please note that you must have received the CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS Mentor Digital Badge in order to be able to award Open Badges to your students which appear on their profile page.


I am not a CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS Mentor, can I apply the CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS training package?

Of course you can, since both Students and teachers lessons  are available to everyone. But unfortunately, you will not be able to award Open Badges to your students…

It is really very easy and we urge you to try it!

Last modified: Monday, 24 May 2021, 3:35 PM